May 19, 2015

FLEUR EN FLEUR SPRING 2015: Slave to Ancestors collection


Ottica San Maurilio has the pleasure of inviting you on May 27th, from 18:00 to 22:00, to rediscover the historical area of 5vie district of Milan, which was once home to convents surrounded by vineyards.

On this special occasion, Ottica San Maurilio will present the collection SLAVE TO ANCESTORS, or rather slave to a thought in its most primitive form, of an idea. Why not an original model to mould and shape into a unique and one off accessory, a small work of art.

Elia Olivieri and Daniele Marconetti, the designers of SLAVE TO ANCESTORS designers, go crazy over the idea of being able to combine the uniqueness of a handmade product in a glasses frame.

It all starts with a piece of restored leather from an old shoe sole, cord for the hinges and lenses from an old pair of sunglasses. The goal is to create custom made sets that shun fashion fads, well designed products to be sought-after, unique and immune to the passage of time.

A product with craftsmanship and certified quality materials, SLAVE TO ANCESTORS is 100% made in Italy.